A walk around the historic walls of York provides stunning views of York Minster

Destination guides

Heritage and hospitality: the essential guide to York

With a rapidly developing hotel scene joining its world-famous sights, these are exciting times in York

Salzburg scenery

Traveller’s tale: Salzburg and snowscapes

Stunning scenery, alpine team-building and heaps of culture makes Salzburg a great place for business travellers

A Virgin Trains intercity service travelling through the countryside

Enjoy a first-class upgrade on Virgin Trains’ West Coast routes

Here’s how Capita Travel and Events customers can get an upgrade on Virgin Trains’ West Coast this Christmas

How to stop your laptop getting hacked on the move

Stay one step ahead of hackers and thieves with our expert’s security tips for business travellers

Exterior shot of Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa
Etihad's The Residence on the A380 Airbus

5 of the world’s most luxurious airline cabins

From exclusive three-room suites to futuristic bars, we explore the deluxe cabins that take flying to the next level

The 5 key questions to ask before your next event

Follow our expert Richard Shacklock’s essential planning checklist to make sure your next event is a success

It has been an eventful year at the UK’s busiest airport, Heathrow

Booming passenger numbers at Heathrow and Gatwick

Despite recent headlines about air disruption, Heathrow and Gatwick airports have clocked up healthy numbers in 2017

Treating customers over the festive season? Make sure you know the golden rules of corporate gift giving

How to… give a corporate gift (without breaking the rules)

Make sure you follow these golden rules for gift-giving, says Tendayi Sithole, financial crime consultant at Capita

Actor Kristian Nairn was on hand to roadtest the new Exstream on-board entertainment system

TransPennine Express launches Exstream entertainment system

Travelling between England and Scotland just became a lot more entertaining, thanks to Exstream

Qatar Airways provides first direct gulf flight for Wales

Qatar Airways launches new route from Wales to the Middle East

Why direct Qatar Airways flights between Cardiff and Doha in 2018 are good news for business travellers

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