7 of the best travel stress busters to shop for now

These stress busters promise to leave you feeling happier, calmer and more alert. Just don’t forget to pack them!

Stress busters for busy business travellers can help energise you on the road

Stress busters for busy business travellers can help energise you on the road

Anything that can take the stress out of travelling and help us get to sleep is music to our ears; and these stress busters could make your next journey a breeze. From a UV light that lets you carry the sun in your pocket to the ultimate earplugs, these high-tech travel gadgets and nourishing treats are must-haves for your next business trip.

1. The magic sleep mask

Relax Eye Mask, £50

We never really rated eye masks until we discovered Aromatherapy Associates’ Relax Eye Mask, created with Holistic Silk. At £50, it might be a steep investment, but it’s super-comfy (backed with navy velvet to filter out the light) and filled with lavender
to help promote sleep – whether on a plane, train or in an over-bright hotel room. Prepare to be well rested.

In a nutshell: The Rolls-Royce of eye masks


2. Stress busters for your ears

Isolate Earfoams, £24.99

You’ll never go back to silicone earplugs once you’ve tried this rather scientific pair by Flare Audio. Made from solid aluminium and backed with soft foam, the reusable Isolate Earfoams have the density to stop sound waves from penetrating – including the low-level rumbling of planes and trains. We admit to being attracted by the seven colour options, too – they look the business, and you can buy replacement ear foams for them over time.

In a nutshell: (No) music to our ears


3. The mood lifter


HumanCharger, £171.34

Jet lag, lack of concentration and low mood are just three of the ills that the HumanCharger promises to combat. Billed as ‘the sun in your pocket’, this recent entry into the wearable-tech market shines UV-free light at you through LED earbuds. Makers say 12 minutes of use a day is enough to encourage the brain to release happy hormones such as serotonin, which helps us feel alert. Those travelling across time zones are advised to plug in four times a day.

In a nutshell: High-tech light therapy on the go


4. The relaxation app

Buddhify, from £1.99

The number-one-selling fitness app in more than 40 countries, buddhify clears the mind with its series of audio meditations. Designed to be practical rather than spiritual, the tracks are divided into tasks for modern life – and there are five designed specifically for travellers, including one for easing the stress of flying. Sign us up.

In a nutshell: Meditation tracks for me time


5. The ‘feel good, look better’ cream


Oils of Life, £29

You might have woken up and prepared for the working day, but frequent travel can dry out the skin, making you look and feel more jaded than you are. With this in mind, one of the best 80ml for your hand luggage is The Body Shop’s Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream. Apply at night to soften and refresh your face – you’ll look like you’ve had a full eight hours.

In a nutshell: De-stressing for your skin


6. The memory maker

One Line a Day, £12

If you feel like you’re always on the move and the days blur into one, the One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book could give you a sense of place. Banish all thoughts of work filofaxes: this pocket journal with its elegant, gold-edged pages has just enough space to jot down a thought for the day – a habit the experts say will help you feel more content.

In a nutshell: Live in the moment


7. A cloud of rejuvenation


In Transit Spray, £18

This spray-on face and body moisturiser by ThisWorks will give your skin a quick burst of hydration without needing to cover your hands in product. Made with a mixture of plant oils, sea minerals and organic aloe vera water, it will refresh and replenish dry skin that is tired from travelling.

In a nutshell: Feel alive again


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