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Jetting off on those long awaited hols is always exciting and one of the best times of the year! With so many making the most of the summer break to visit sunnier climes, we love to plan and talk about the big event.

Getting swept up in the holiday organisation though can mean it’s easy to overlook the smaller things, so we’ve compiled a little list of the 3 must-haves you should always be packing, wherever you’re heading to!

Sun cream

It’s not exactly exciting, but especially if you’re a bit sun-starved it can be all too easy to overdo it with the old vitamin D when you do catch a glimpse of sun, sea and sand again.

Therefore a sun cream with a high SPF of preferably over 30, or even better over 50, is always going to be useful.

We recommend taking it with you rather than buying it there, since especially in warmer climates it can be more difficult to find products with a higher SPF – plus it’ll usually be cheaper to shop at home too since you can pay supermarket prices.


Another handy thing that is all too easy to forget, your sunglasses must be in your bag before you go.

Sure you can buy a pair at any kiosk at the beach for example, however often this won’t have proper sun protection in the lenses to keep your eyes safe from the powerful rays of the sun.

They’re such a small thing too that they’re hardly going to take up any room, and even cheap ones bought in the UK will naturally have that all important sun protection.


And last but not least, you’ve got to get a good comprehensive insurance policy organised before you jet off. Especially when travelling within Europe, it can be all too simple to completely forget that you need this, but do get it sorted in advance.

The policy should cover sickness, accidents, delayed flights and lost luggage for starters, and if you are taking part in more adventurous activities, then make sure they are included under the policy details too.

Apart from your passport, these are some of the most important things that you’re going to need for holidays, so don’t forget them!


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