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Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists to visit, and it’s really not at all hard to see why. With a plethora of historical sites, cuisine that is beloved the world over, a distinctly stylish air, beautiful scenery and of course a lovely temperate climate (especially as you head further south!), it is such a wonderful place to take in. 

But Italy has got lots to see, and one of its most fascinating destinations has got to be the island of Sardinia. We reckon its one of the most wonderful spots to visit in the Med, so find out here just why you need to be booking your tickets there now.  

As the second largest island in the Med (after Sicily), Sardinia certainly is sizeable enough to offer everything you’re looking for, whatever your tastes. And it’s not even as if it takes that long to get to Sardinia – with flight times of around 3 hours, the island really is just as accessible as the rest of the country. 

So let’s just find out a few key facts about Sardinia, and great reasons as to why you should be visiting. 

One of our favourites is the fact that there are thousands of prehistoric sites – sure Sardinia is a sunshine holiday destination, but it definitely packs a historical punch too! Many of these sites are naturally ruined, but are nonetheless incredible places to visit, especially with a local guide. 

If beaches and lounging in the sun are more your thing though, then Sardinia of course does provide. In fact with around 1850km (approximately 1150 miles) of coastline, the island impressively boasts around a quarter of the total Italian coastline – meaning that there is such a great choice of beaches. From busy tourist ones to more secluded coves and of course those that are family friendly, during your hols in Sardinia, make sure you check a few of them out!  

Nature really is a huge part of the Sardinian landscape, and even its way of life, and in fact, it’s the only Italian region without a motorway – pretty astounding considering what a nation of car-lovers Italy is. This relaxed and even more traditional way of life is reflected in the fact that 25% of the island is national parkland, making it the perfect place to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors (and without the need for a raincoat!). 

Even with its laidback island life though, Cagliari, the autonomous region’s capital, is a vibrant and modern city that fuses the old with the new. It’s been continuously inhabited for over 5000 thousand years, and it’s such a good place to find out about Sardinian history, which really is incredible thanks to this island’s unique location at the crossroads of the Med.  

Whether you like visiting cultural spots, indulging in great food, enjoying lazy days or active water sports on your summer holidays, Sardinia could be the just the destination that you’ve been seeking. To get you started on organising your dream Sardinian getaway, have a look at the great packages at Mark Warner which will let you discover the island in the most straightforward and relaxing way possible. 

The Med is always going to be a wonderful tourist spot, and Sardinia really is something extra special. So for an Italian sunshine adventure that is totally different, get booking to Sardinia this year!  


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