They might be traditional, and they might be cliché, but beach holidays are a firm favourite with all the family, which is why whatever the season we like to book them and jet off to warmer climes. If a week or two of hanging out at the beach is your dream holiday, then don’t forget some sporty accessories so you can make the most of your time.

Both in and out of the water, we all know the beach is so fun because of all the activities that we can partake in. So don’t forget these sporty beach accessories on your beach holidays.


Not all beaches are equal, and some of the loveliest ones are unfortunately not sand, and those little pebbles can be uncomfortable on the tootsies when we’re wading in for a paddle. That’s why wet-shoes are a beach essential. Generally made from neoprene with grip soles, they can make getting in and out of the water so much more comfortable, and they’re not even uncomfortable to swim in – they are designed for outdoor swimming after all.

Beach sports

Practically any sport can be played on the beach, from the ever popular beach volleyball, to even beach rugby, with special balls that float in the water. So do take so sporty accessories like racquets or even a mini cricket set if you plan on spending endless days at the beach. They are lightweight for your luggage, and are pretty inexpensive too.

Body board

Cheap, fun, and a great way to enjoy the waves, a body board is something that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Akin to surfing but much easier, it is a great way to enjoy swimming outdoors even if you’re not the strongest of swimmers, and it can be addictive!

Remember your sporty accessories for your beach holidays, so you can make the most of your time.


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